2019 Plant Order Form

Click above for a PDF of the 2019 Plant Order Form. Hard copies are also available at the Keller Market House in downtown Lancaster. Place an order to ensure the best availability of the varieties you want! Plant pick-up and delivery is targeted for the week of May 13th - to coincide with our last frost date - but is weather-dependent. Click on “Plants” in the menu for plant descriptions. Most, but not all varieties, are on the order form - check back in May for other plant surprises!


cabbage close up.JPG


Buy your vegetable plants from a vegetable farmer! With an emphasis on both open-pollinated heirlooms and proven hybrids, these varieties have been carefully chosen and many have been tested in my own garden.

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Spice up your life! We should all eat more herbs and they are one of the easiest ways to start gardening, even in small spaces. Explore new flavors or even try your hand at making your own herbal medicine.



Explore flowering plants that will add beauty to your garden but also help the ecosystem. Many of these flowers provide pollen & nectar for bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. Some are natives and some are edible!

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Everything is started from seed here at The Kale Yard. Think of these as "handmade" plants. I don't order in plugs from far away, or finished plant material from another nursery to resell. I prefer to have control over all stages of the process on site - after all, it's the whole process of starting new plant life that I most enjoy.

I spend my money on inputs as responsibly as possible - with local businesses and with companies whose values I feel good about.

Unlike the big box stores, I won't sell you plants that you should start yourself from seed, and I won't sell you something out of season. Quality and your success as a gardener are important to me.



Plants from The Kale Yard are special

  • My biodegradable pots are made from natural materials and go right in the ground with your plant. No more plastic pots!

  • I don't use any agricultural chemicals on my farm or in my nursery.

  • I am proud to use organic potting soil from Ohio Earth Food - it's produced locally and enriched with organic fertilizers that give your seedlings a healthy start. Most nurseries use a sterilized soilless mix with little nutrition and then bright blue water as fertilizer. I start with a nutritious potting soil, then give the plants “probiotics” (beneficial bacteria) and “superfoods” (fish & seaweed) as supplemental fertilizers.

  • No more awful plastic tags with teeny tiny print that you're going to lose anyway. My plant tags are made from untreated wood with labels printed by Blue Label Digital Printing, which is literally just down the road from me. The tag directs you to my website, where you can easily find the plant variety information all season long.

  • My seeds come from companies and sources I trust, and some are even saved here on the farm. Read more about my seed sources.